So many people, so little time

Every once in a while I find myself meeting a completely random and genuine person – whether on vacation, at my university, or at the Staples in town – and then I find myself feeling extraordinarily happy to have met them. This particular post is specifically dedicated to Hunter, a man that works at Staples, that I spoke with yesterday while printing Spanish paperwork for study abroad.

Some people so genuinely touch my heart that it leaves me reflecting on life and dreaming about the people I’ll meet in the future all throughout the world. Yesterday, after meeting and speaking with Hunter, I found myself thinking about these wonderful people I’ve come across in the past and I had to face the fact that there are so many amazing people in the world that I could never possibly get the chance to meet them all.

Perhaps the thing that gets me the most is that you could never guess where you’ll meet someone who will change your life or outlook on life, give you advice, or be genuinely happy for where you’re going. While people, including myself, tend to sometimes think going abroad is where you’ll meet these unforgettable people, it’s crazy realizing that they can be right in front of you or in your hometown. I love having things put in a different perspective or bringing me back down to earth and making me realize that there are beautiful people all over the world, and you just need to stop for a minute and actually see. After yesterday, I was enlightened with one of my absolute favorite thoughts – that at the most random times and places,  you can encounter someone with such a wonderful heart that you’ll never forget that person, even if you only spoke with them for ten minutes. It’s amazing to think that someone can have such a great impression and impact on you after just a few minutes, and whether or not it’s fate that you were in that moment at that time, it’s an amazing feeling.

I truly hope that people begin take the time to have a small conversation, ask about someone’s life, or open up about your own, because those moments are the ones that can end up meaning the most. I’ll end with a quote from Hunter regarding my upcoming trip to Spain, and while scary to think, his sincerity meant the most, and it’s a great realization when preparing for a trip:

“I don’t want to see you on the news.”


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